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Thursday, April 19, 2007

My hobby

The Pohon Melati or the scientific name Jasiminum Azoricum

My hobby

In the middle is the "Teh Pagar Bonsai". It is not that fine, but full with memories.

My hobby

The pohon Cucur Atap Bonsai

My hobby

Training and growing Bonsai is one of my hobbies.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


When will he land? It's too high. (The act of Harimau Menghambur mangsa)

Chit Chat

We talked about the past before having a hot herb oil bath ceremony at the SMK Sultan Muhammad Shah, Parit . Tn Hj Harun, Pak Ngah Azahar and Man Tauke Kantin

Kayaking expedition to the Gombak Dam

With the Chief Instuctor of PSSPGM -Tn.Haji Awang bin Daud

SMK Dato Ahmad Maher Kota Bharu 2002

The Intensive course for students of SMK Dato Ahmad Maher 2003

The convocatin USM - 1992

We are the Winner of Perak Tengah Zone

The Silat Gayong Demonstration at the Yearly Athletics Championship of SMK Sultan Muhammad Shah, Parit -1999

The Adopted Village Program at Gosong Village, machang - 1989

Visited UKM 1989 (HAAKUSM)

The BTN Course at Janda Baik tahun 1990

After the usual practice at SMK Sultan Muhammad Shah Parit Perak tahun 1999

The Silat Gayong Demonstration at the Book Festival, Gelanggang Seni - 2006

The Pendekar Bujang Lapok at -Desa Harapan USM 1988

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Gayong Warisan Exhibition at Taiping Museum - 2005

With the tireless warriors

Intensive course is crucial especially for the schools' gelanggang because the trainees of these gelanggang do not have much time to practise. Therefore, there is a need to conduct the intensive courses at least once a year.

They practice anywhere...

Look at how hard we practise silat, without considering the weather and time.. All of them are not the obstacles. Look at these two strong Seni Silat Gayong Bachok warriors, Hamdi (Tok Ayah Mail in the blue shirt) and Ruslan Ramli (Abe Lan) practising the dragger act, which can bring death.

Learn in the teenage

My craze along with a few friends in learning the silat has taught me a lot of the great Malay heritages, which are now have much extinct by time. I also realise that we should grab the opportunity in the young age to learn as much as we can in order to be a perfect being. If we are men, be the true men and if we are women, be the women with good deeds.

Time passes fast

Looking at my childhood photos makes me wonder, have I become mature? or am I still green? These feelings are still the same- angry, happy and sad. Have I become mature?

Do you still remember?

When we were little kid...
Mother nurtured us caringly
Who took care of our food and attire
Who washed our pee and poo
Who looked after us when were ill
Who fed us like a baby
Ohh.. can we pay back what she had given?
Although she doesn't ask for it..

Sunday, April 08, 2007